Halal catering is important for many events and occasions, especially during this holy month of Ramadan. And because we want you to enjoy delicious, yummy, and wholesome feasts that are halal-certified to ensure maximum satisfaction as you Buka Puasa, we have rounded up for you the 3 best expert caterers that serve one of the best halal catering in Kuala Lumpur for a sumptuous month’s Ramadan celebrations!

1. Perfect Match Catering


With a Halal certification by JAKIM since 2019, and over 5000 event catering success stories, it’s no question as to why Perfect Match Catering has made it to one of the top 3 Halal caterers in Kuala Lumpur. Not only do they use only the highest-quality, and best ingredients, but these catering professionals don’t serve anything short of flawless when it comes to food presentation. So, this Ramadan, Perfect Match is more than ready ready to serve you an out-of-this-world catering experience, as you break your fast.

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This Ramadan, Perfect Match has prepared a Special Family Menu for families to enjoy a sumptuous Buka Puasa dinner. Their Standard Ramadhan Family Set, includes 7 super delicious items, such as steaming rice, chicken dish, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate muffins, succulent Kurma, and many more! Perfect Match Catering’s Ramadan set feeds a group of 4, and only costs RM88 – a definite must-try for your iftar dinners.

Price: RM88 (RM22/pax)

Serves: 4

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2. Citarasa Uniq Catering


A crowd-favourite when it comes to catering, for many reasons, Citarasa Uniq Catering has been around the catering industry since 1999, and gained their halal certification in 2010. Serving up to 3000 halal meals per day, and with their mission to be the best caterer in Klang Valley, rest assured that these catering experts are anything but ready and dedicated to serving you a satisfying halal-certified catered feast this Ramadan, accompanied with top-notch service.

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If you’re looking to order from Citarasa Uniq Catering this Ramadan, their Family Delight A Ramadan Set is a must-try. For only RM88 – good for a feast between 4, you get to enjoy a delicious array of 7 dishes such as fragrant Ikan Masak Sambal, crunchy Popiah Otak-otak, Bubur Kacang Hijau and more, accompanied with Sirap Bandung as a beverage.

Price: RM88 (RM22/pax)

Serves: 4

Reward point(s) earned: 5%

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3. Lynn’s Catering


Lynn’s Catering started as a humble and cosy eatery in 2008, and not long after, gained their official halal certification by 2010. And due to its huge success, Lynn’s has now grown into a full-fledged catering service located in SS15, Subang Jaya. With a team of highly-skilled Muslim Chefs, equipped with years of experience up their sleeves, cooking up great-tasting catering meals from local to western cuisines that are muslim-friendly. So be prepared for an amazing Ramadan catering experience from Lynn’s Catering.


Hungry to know what Lynn’s Catering has to offer this Ramadan? Well their amazing Ramadhan Family Set includes 5 great-tasting dishes, and a beverage. Enjoy local dishes and delights like aromatic and spicy Sambal Udang with Petai, Nasi Minyak Basmathi Kering, Ayam Golek Serai Berempah that offers a mouthful of bursting flavours and more, at only RM100 – suitable for 4 people!

Price: RM100 (RM25/pax)

Serves: 4

Reward point(s) earned: 1%

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